I want joost

I have no idea how long it has been since I posted here... forever. my own blog site is nowhere near ready, but there's the chance of a beta invite to joost if I link to eirikso.com with a post.

So, in blind hope, I hereby cite the aritcle on eirikso.com and perhaps if I get the beta invite, I'll have something interesting to talk about!

Fingers crossed!
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Tea Leaf 2: Return of the Bags

I'd be the first to admit that the return from a prolonged silence should have been a tale of more depth than the disappearance of some tea bags, but this event was the most interesting thing to happen in my workplace for some time. Also that it had happened once before about a year ago made the mystery all the more compelling (to those involved - me). A draw full of wondrous pleasures all for the taking and it is an unopened foil wrapped pack of sixty "one cup" typhoo tea bags that goes. Not a handful of the opened one that may have gone unnoticed or both. A tidy and specifically targeted heist. One that could cause no great harm or distress to anyone. Just a bit of confusion and the worry that I had in fact lost my mind through drinking too much tea.

Over the weekend I had ultimately decided that that is exactly what must have happened. Severe work related boredom had manifested itself in a chronic tea abuse of kidney stone proportions. It was the only answer, unpleasant as it was for me to take.

This morning they're back. Well not exactly the same foil wrapped packet, but a foil wrapped packet of typhoo tea bags nonetheless. Neatly replaced into the box along side the open one, now a little worse for wear after the repeated examination and counting that went on last week.

Now if you don't think that's interesting, I don't know what is!
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No fly posters

I was about to make a post so I looked what my last one was and smiled fondly at the memory of the LED Sign.

Unfortunately it seems the site is now dead and I cannot find any trace of it popping up elsewhere. I feel a profound sense of loss and can not go on with my intended post at this time.

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Welcome to the LED Sign

No posts in ages, but this site has driven me out of my self imposed silence.

The LED Sign

and the following quote says it all:

"What the hell is this crap? It's like renting a movie where the main character is reading a book all the way through, and the camera just reads over his shoulder. How stupid! I watched for hours and hours!"
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Sod's Law

Starting with the statement "It has been a month since my last post" make it sound like a bit of a confession, but I've had a busy month, well actually, it's probably more true to say that I have had a peculiar month.

After my stay in hospital I was under house arrest for two weeks unable to leave due to the piles of various tablets blocking the door. The first week wasn't so bad, because I did feel unwell and my being at home therefore felt somewhat justified. The second week was harder to cope with and by the end of the week I broke my curfew and went to work. I should have gone in on the Tuesday, I would have liked to seen korruptor off.

Then the following week my parent were visiting to take charge of the little one while I whisked Mrs Teeth away for surprise wedding anniversary trip. A long weekend in Venice. This meant that although I was at work nearly a full week, stuff going on around was certainly at the forefront of my thoughts. When I got back to work the following Tuesday I felt like I could finally settle down to some sort of routine again.

And I could have if I hadn't' developed a sore throat over the weekend. If I hadn't recognised the symptoms so clearly.

I thought I would be writing this, once again, from my hospital bed, but not just yet. I shouldn't really be at work, but there's so much to do. Too much really to be writing live journal posts but what the hell. I'm so full of pills I wouldn't trust what I work did anyway.

The post I have wanted to make in the month gone by (but didn't get round to) was about how well I have found the NHS. I accept that I have been fortunate in this, but very rarely do the positive get voiced. Now though, I am in fear of invoking sod's law by doing so. A trip to hospital yesterday has furnished me with yet more pills and a couple of days before a return appointment to see if I need to go under the knife again. Sod's law would surely state that anything good I might have to say would come straight back at me and bite me on the arse. I shall therefore hold off until I know what's going to happen. I will remain here trying to do as useful stuff as I can today and hope that it will not be the total repeat I expected yesterday.

I should also mention that gargling TCP is rank.
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